Slain officer's father says city should be proud of his son

Ofc. Perry Renn
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It was an emotional time as the visitation for IMPD Officer Perry Renn began Thursday.

Officers stood at attention at a flag presentation, as the colors Renn served to protect, both as a police officer and soldier, were placed at a memorial to him.

"The citizens of Indianapolis and the Metropolitan Police Department will be forever grateful for Perry's honor, courage and heroism," an officer read at the presentation.

Renn's father, David, did a lot of smiling Thursday. He is obviously crushed by his son's death, but he spent the afternoon hearing hundreds and hundreds of incredible stories about his son's service and sacrifices.

He says he's proud of his son and the citizens of Indianapolis should be, too.

Perry Renn was a world traveler, a dog lover and an avid bicyclist, but most of all, he was a police officer.

"He loved the job he did. He never wanted off his shift, he loved the police department. He thought the world of it all and he loved his job and he loved doing it," David Renn said.

Married to his wife, Lynn, for 25 years, Renn served Indianapolis for the past 22 years as a police officer and, before that, as a dispatcher. During Thursday's visitation, officers shared stories about a workaholic public servant who was selfless, almost to a fault.

"I'd hear all these stories about how he'd take his lunch and he ended up feeding it to the dogs, you know, around the neighborhoods. Just totally amazing," Renn said.

While his family mourns and the community still deals with the loss, Ofc. Renn's father asks the public not to be sad.

"I think being proud is the best thing and I hope everybody supports the Indianapolis police department, because they have wonderful people on there, they really do," David Renn said.

He said one of the mourners to pay their respects at Thursday's visitation was one of the last people you may have expected to come to the service.

"The young lady from...her dad was killed up in Gary. She was here a little while ago. I'm giving her support," David Renn said.

Gary Police Ofc. Jeffrey Westerfield was killed Sunday in an ambush. His 21-year-old daughter spoke with David Renn for a short time Thursday.

"Just her sorrows. Of course, she has the same sorrows with her dad going. She was a great little girl," Renn said.

He asked that the public not be sad about the passing of his son, but be proud. Both of his decades of service to the City of Indianapolis and his decade of service in the Army before that.

"He always made me proud of him. There was never a time that I ever had a problem with him. I don't think I was ever mad at him in my life," Renn said.

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