Slain child's mother still seeking answers

Michael Harrison, 2, was stabbed to death by his father in Noblesville.
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The mother of a two-year-old Alabama boy stabbed to death by his father in Noblesville is preparing for the child's funeral.

Megan Kelley says since Michael Harrison's death, she has been looking through photographs and remembering her son.

"I know it's going to hit me Saturday when I have to bury him. I don't know. I'm okay, then I'm not okay. I don't know. It just doesn't seem real," Kelley said. "He was playing. That's what goes through my head. Did he reach for his daddy to give him a hug, was he, like, 'Pick me up'? He was grinning at him and I can't stand that."

Micah Harrison, 30, had taken the couple's three children to visit his parents in Noblesville without permission after an argument. Police say Harrison claimed someone or something was after him just moments before the murder.

"He was your son, too. You loved him, I know you did. We had this great Christmas, what happened?" Kelley said of the child's father. "I want to know what happened. What could he have done to make you want to hurt him. I mean, if you were mad at me, why would you go after my son? He's just a baby."

The couple's two other children are now back at home with their mother.