Six Flags introduces record-breaking roller coaster

Photo courtesy Six Flags

Thrill-seekers will be delighted with Six Flags Great America's latest hair-raising ride.

Goliath, located at Six Flags' Illinois park, is the world's fastest wooden roller coaster that will break records in three ways: speed, height and angle. It will plummet 180 feet and then lurch through twists at 72 mph.

The so-called beast (and who are we to argue?) is being touted as the most extreme coaster of its kind. It takes its adventure-seeking riders to a 165-foot hill, then over the peak to face the world's tallest, steepest drop at 180 feet and 85 degrees.

"You’ll reach the bottom of this gut-wrenching slope before you even have time to scream," Six Flags promises. And you won't even have time to collect your stomach, which presumably will still be at the top of the hill.

Goliath also features over-banked turns, a 180-degree zero G-roll twist, and two wild inversions, flipping head-over-heels through a winding inverted drop and a spiraling inverted zero G stall.

The animated video features imaginary passengers shrieking appropriately.

Are you ready?