Shutdown slows downtown businesses

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Downtown businesses say the partial federal government shutdown is having a trickle-down effect on their cash flow.

"It's just like shutting off the water spigot," says Joe Armstroff, who has a business in the Gold Building and lots of federal workers as customers. "Carnival's over."

Downtown, at the first three shops we visited, we found all of them were seeing the effects of the slowdown.

"We'll fill up all the tables," says the Elbow Room's Kristina Mazza. "At least two turnovers during that time as well. A day like today we also fill up the bar. A lot of to-go orders."

Federal Building workers across the street walk their lunch money over to the restaurant. Now, maybe only half the usual lunch crowd is coming in.

Donna Yarema Stroh of Tea Pot Treasures on Ohio says some of her regular fans from federal agencies are bagging their visits and that hurts.

"Less buying power. Maybe not buy gifts ahead of time like they might have been doing. Not having that all affects our sales and how many people I employ," says Donna.

It's especially got Donna boiling because she's located diagonally across from the Federal Courthouse and just moved into new space. 

They've also seen a trim in some business at Icons around the corner. Owner and beautician Candis Taylor says "I have customers who work for the government and they've come in for their last appointment and they explained to me that they may not be in as often because they're not in the area.

"It's just been a little slow this week," she says. "It trickles down to small business like us."