Shutdown has repercussions for many families

Shutdown has repercussions for many families
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For millions of Americans, the threat of losing benefits they depend on due to the government shutdown was a terrifying thought.

Only three years old and Abigail Vogt has already undergone six heart surgeries.

Maybe he's biased, but Abbie is the strongest kid her dad Tim has ever met.

"She's just unbelievable," he said.

Most days you'll find Abbie brushing off her illness and spending time with her friends at Kidstreet. It's much more enjoyable than the hospital, where toys are replaced with wires and tubes.

Her medical costs are in the millions. Luckily, it's been covered by dad's VA benefits. Having been injured while serving in the Navy, Tim can no longer work.

With a shutdown deal reached, he knows his daughter will continue to get the help she needs. But when he looks back over the last 16 days, Tim can't help but get frustrated. The VA said he was about to lose it all.

"People think it is a game and you hear certain people talk about poll numbers and it's about who's losing more and it's not a game in my case," he said.

In Tim's case, his daughter is fighting a losing battle.

It's not often a princess has to deal with congressmen and senators, but in this case, they almost made a difficult situation worse.

Abbie is only one face affected by the shutdown. With her Make-A-Wish gift, Abbie and her family will be flown to Walt Disney World Thursday morning.  The moment she returns, her father says she'll have to go back for surgery.

It's unclear what will happen to her if another shutdown happens after the January 15th deadline.