Showdown brewing between homeless camp, Indianapolis

The city has fought the campers under the bridge for years.
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The city has given notice and posted signs. They say the 67 people living in a homeless camp beneath the CSX railroad tracks on Davidson Street have to be gone by Monday.

DPW spokesman Scott Manning said, CSX needs to inspect and do work on the tracks. He says the area is being closed off to protect both the workers and the people living in the homeless camp.

The city recently posted signs that say "do not enter - construction site" and "bridge cleaning random and/or daily effective 8/26/13."

But Maurice Young, who's become a spokesman for the camp said he's not buying it. He thinks the city is using CSX to break up the camp.

The camp has been an issue for several years. The city has periodically forced people to move from the camp but they frequently return.

Young said he and several others living beneath the bridge have no intention of packing up and leaving come Monday, even if it means getting arrested.

"Our goal has been to try to figure out a win-win situation for all parties involved," said Maurice Young. "I'm a little surprised they've become this aggressive. I'm assuming that there's no more communication. At this point we pretty much decided to stand our ground and let happen whatever is going to happen."

Manning said police would only arrest people as "a last resort." He said the city is trying to work with people, that outreach workers are stopping by to let them know there are options available.