Show must go on for Colts

Andrew Luck

After a weekend off, Colts players arrived to work Monday morning and were summoned to an 8:00 am meeting. The entire team was there, but Coach Chuck Pagano, who is usually early, was not there.

That's when they first heard about Pagano's leukemia diagnosis and the fight he was in for.

Pagano is a man, not just a coach, beloved by everyone in the organization. The Colts' return to the practice field is a difficult but necessary one. As their coach spends at least the next several weeks in the hospital receiving treatment, the players and staff try to turn their attention towards the season, this coming weekend and the Packers.

In the NFL, the show must go on. Rookie quarterback Andrew Luck understands that.

"Guys understand when you go on the football field, it's maybe your sanctuary for forgetting about other things and going out there and making sure you're playing football. It's an obligation to perform well for Coach Pagano. He did so many great things and I don't want to disappoint him...and I want to continue on this steady climb so when he comes back we're right where we should be," Luck said.