Shoppers search for snowstorm necessities

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Remember last year? Hardware stores and big box retailers had snow shovels all season.

Not this year.

"It took me forever to find this dumb thing and there is only one left of metal, the rest are all plastic," said Shirley O'Neill.

O'Neill's taste in snow shovels is steeped in practicality. "I'm not shoveling that hard for it to break, let me tell ya. If it is that bad, it is just going to stay there".

O'Neill and hundreds like her are expecting the impending snow storm to drop a significant amount of snow.

At Meijer on Southport Road, where we found O'Neill shopping, they have had a run on their snow removal supplies. On Sunday night, Eyewitness News showed you their stocked snow shovel aisle. On Monday afternoon, even after restocking, the remaining supplies were picked over.

Sullivans Hardware on North Pennsylvania Street is down to just a couple of shovels. Their customers remember the ice storm a couple years ago when shovels and ice melter were out of stock for weeks.

The science of removing ice and snow has advanced past elbow grease and salt. We were shown a product called "Liquid Snow Shovel". The manufacturer claims it will do the same job for about the same price as a good shovel, while being eco-friendly and less corrosive.