Shoppers pack stores Saturday before the storm

Shoppers buy meat at the West 71st Street Kroger store Saturday.
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Grocery stores all across central Indiana scrambled to keep up with demand before the winter storm hit.

In addition to shoppers emptying shelves on Friday, Saturday was another busy day in the battle to be prepared ahead of the snow.

For Grace Robinson and her husband, navigating the roads turned into navigating the crowded aisles of the west side Kroger off 71st Street.

"I got to have my coffee. Can't get snowed in without my coffee," she said. The couple say they're ready to hibernate for about a week.

"We don't have any reason to leave the house and we're not expecting company! Everybody needs to stay home," she laughed.

Saturday, though, a different story as shoppers snatched up the necessities, and maybe a few extras.

"Bloody Mary mix, just for some Bloody Marys; typically on Sunday we do a family brunch," said shopper Steve Bacon.

That's about all he has planned for Sunday as mother nature is expected to blanket the area with several inches of snow.

"We're not planning on going anywhere or doing anything probably some shoveling and that's about it," Bacon said.

In addition to high demand for bread, milk, meat, and water... demand also ran high for things you couldn't buy.

"There are no carts at all so you have to try to find someone outside to get a cart because inside you won't get one," said shopper Yolanda Lasley.

She shopped for her three year-old son and 21 month-old daughter

"I got some milk and some fruit and vegetables and bread and cheese," she said.

And while it may have been a long trip to the store, she's just happy to get it done before the flakes fall again.

"I'm scared of the storm that's coming. They said it's going to be a big storm and I'm chicken, I don't go out for anything," Lasley said.