Shoppers clear grocery store shelves ahead of storm

Shoppers lined up at the Kroger store at 71st and Binford in Indianapolis.
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All Friday night, people stocked up on winter essentials at local grocery stores as the forecast calls for a dangerous winter storm.

At Kroger at East 71st Street and Binford Boulevard, customers formed long lines in the aisles, waiting to check out with their groceries.

It was the calm before the storm, if long checkout lines and empty shelves were your idea of calm.

"We trying to get it done now and it looks like everybody else wanted to do it too," said Charles Scott.

Scott usually drives a semi-truck during the week, but Friday he was driving a grocery cart down the aisles of Kroger, stocking up before Sunday's storm hits.

"We have milk, eggs, cheese, bread, fish, chicken, all the staples," said Scott. "You really should have everything you need and be inside. If you look around, all you had to do is go through the store and look at the meat counter, all the meat's gone."

"We actually came into get some meat for some taco salad and we came and this is the last meat left," said Kendra Edwards, showing a package of ground chuck.

Edwards said she was in town to visit her sister and headed back to Memphis Saturday morning, ahead of the storm.

"I can't wait to get out of here," said Edwards.

She may be missing Sunday's storm, but she found herself right in the middle of the shopping rush because of it.

"I think it's crazy," said Edwards of all the people out shopping. "Oh my gosh, no more bottled water! It's really going down in Indiana. Wow."

That's what the weather forecasts certainly have indicated.

"I'll be gone," said Edwards, sighing relief.

Charles Scott won't be, though. He'll just be staying inside with all of his groceries.

"I will be hibernating, thank you," said Scott, laughing.