Shoppers build memorial for slain store worker


Even though it's closed, loyal shoppers stopped by Body Gear on East 38th Street to express their condolences after a worker there was shot and killed Sunday.

Ho Lee, a family friend in town helping with the business, was killed by a group of shoplifters when he tried to stop them from stealing, according to police.

Investigators arrested two teenagers Sunday - 18-year-old Deaundre Graves and an unidentified 17-year-old - but they say another two to four suspects may have been involved. Police are still searching for those additional suspects.

Meanwhile, loyal shoppers left flowers outside the store Monday in memory of Lee.

"I just think it's horrible," said Melanie Davis of Indianapolis. "I have a grandson who's 16 and I just can't imagine kids running around with guns and killing. It's horrible."

Lee's brother was too distraught to talk, but the store manager said the killing should serve as a wake-up call.

"It's no color thing. It's no race thing. It can hit anybody's home at anytime," said Karen Williams.

It's the randomness of this crime that sets it apart. A man working at a store, in the middle of the day, trying to defend property becomes a victim in an instant. It took seconds for a petty theft to turn into homicide.

"There's a sense of hopelessness. There's joblessness. Education is not where we want it to be with our children; There are so many things that work in concert that are causing some of the problems in our community," said Regina Marsh with Forest Manor Multi-Service Center.

Body Gear owners said they would remain closed for a few days.

Lee's parents are in the process of making their way from Korea to the U.S. for their son's funeral. He is survived by his wife, and children aged 6 and 10.

An account at Old National Bank has been opened to accepted donations for Shana Oh and her two children due to the loss of her husband.  The account number is 124382482 FBO Ho Lee Memorial.