Shooting victim says assailants posed as police

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An Indianapolis man is in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg after a home invasion where the suspects posed as police.

Officers were called to the 7600 block of Blue Creek South Drive near 75th St. and Hague Rd., just after 4:30 Monday morning.

Police say the victim reported that two men broke into his home and a fight ensued. The man said he deployed pepper spray, and was then shot in the leg by one of the assailants.

The victim told police dispatchers that the two men identified themselves as police officers. He said the suspects fled in a white car.

Police had to air out the house and the victim's father had to rescue the homeowner's dog from the contaminated air. The pepper spray also hindered police officers' initial attempts to get inside the home.

Detectives also towed a black truck that was parked near the home because a neighbor said it was out of place and suspicious. Police aren't certain if that truck is connection. That same neighbor said he wasn't completely surprised by the early wake up call.

"There's been activity over last year or so where police have showed up for various reasons, don't know why. This morning was another unusual activity. It was loud enough that it woke me up," said Terry Terhune, neighbor.

Police did get a search warrant to look through the home. They took several items out of this house. They don't believe anything was stolen.

The victim's father told Eyewitness News that his son, 28, suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. The man lives alone at the residence.

The father also told us that his son's home was the scene of a similar incident about a year ago.

The victim was transported to Wishard Hospital.