Shooting at Sweet 16 party posted on Facebook

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What happened at an Indianapolis party Saturday night left a 22-year-old wounded and a grandfather worried.

"Terrible thing to go to a party and all of a sudden, get shot," said Lonnie Belmar.

His grandson, Montez, shot when a crowded Sweet 16 party got out of hand.

These days, there are no more invitations from kids in the mail. It's done over social media. In this case, Facebook. No controlling who shows up.

Police reports say "a large crowd arrived and began forcing their way into the party." It says the teen's mother "attempted to push them out. A fight then broke out with gunshots fired."

Montez Belmar was grazed in the head.

His grandfather says, "I'm hoping my grandson comes out of this alright."

It's not the first time Sweet 16 and other parties have ended in violence after attracting big crowds through social media.

Last spring, shots were fired on 40th Street at a Sweet 16 party.

And on the south side, shots fired and a girl wounded in the head after a big party posted on social media got out of hand.

That led the sheriff to push for - and get - a law requiring permits for such parties in that county.

And State Excise and local police are raiding social media-posted Sweet 16s, like one on Michigan Road, after underage drinking.

The victim's grandfather says no matter how word is spread, parties will still happen.

"You don't know what's gonna happen," says Belmar. "All you can do is pray and hope for the best. All you can do . Kids gonna be kids and that's how it go."