Shooting at Johnson County under-21 club


More than 20 shots were fired after a birthday party outside of a Johnson County golf course. And the evidence is in plain view for anyone to see, a good sized bullet hole in the window of not one, but two windows of the pro shop at Maple Ridge golf course.

One of the many neighbors that heard the shots fired friday night would like to stay anonymous but told us "well it sounded like fireworks multiple pop -pop -pop -pop now we through the night, there was a lot of loud music..the walls were moving a little bit but that has become the standard" he said.

There are beer cans in the parking lot, liquor bottles strewn on the asphalt indicative of what goes on when the sun goes down at Maple Ridge on the weekends, said one of the neighbors. "It has not reached the level that it did last evening until now but it is a level we are not used to around here" he said.

According to the knocked over sign in front of the building, Friday night was "Blackout Teen Dance Club night" from 7 until 1am.

And soon after 1 saturday morning according to police someone unloaded 20 or so rounds from at least two different gun heard by neighbors in every direction.

Alexis Neufelder and her husband live within 200 ysards of the golf course.  The gunfire woke them "and I heard what sounded like a cannon or a truck backfiring..pop pop pop pop pop pop ya know multiple times" said Neufelder.

Police say that no one was seriously hurt by the gunfire.  One person was treated for cuts caused by shattering glass. 

Chaos that followed as everyone in the building and the parking tried to leave at once confirmed the neighbors worst fears, "so we looked out and it was just a mass head, people running, cars going everywhere on both sides of the street" he said.

The course operators have hired a manager to rent out the log cabin building for special events. The manager of building declined our request to go on camera but he told Eyewitness news the building was rented for a private birthday party.@

The security officers hired for the event told police the shooter had not been inside and was most likely waiting in the parking lot for someone to come out.

The Johnson County Sheriffs Department has not made any arrest at this point and the case is still under investigation.