Sheriff trying to track non-registered sex offenders

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A jury has been selected for the man accused of raping a Greenwood woman at knife point.  Sean Corbally was listed on the Sex Offender Registry at the time of the alleged incident and had been in the Marion County jail, but his case fell through the cracks.

The Marion County Sheriff's Department has made changes as a result of the case, which illustrated a worst-case scenario.

A convicted rapist not properly registered as a sex offender was arrested for another crime, but then released, before allegedly raping again. The Marion County Sheriff's Department is trying to prevent this from happening again, so they've added a step in the process they say is paying off.

Corbally's alleged crime spree spanned at least three counties, and the paper trail just couldn't keep up with him. He was wanted in Clinton County, arrested in Marion County, and is accused of raping in Johnson County.

But now in Marion County, because of this case, an investigator goes to the jail every time a sex offender is arrested and interviews the offender.

"And what we have found, as a result of this," according to Marion County Sheriff's Captain Michael Hubbs, "a lot of times, the offenders frankly confess to complying to the registry law. Therefore we're able to make an arrest right there on the spot."

The investigator is looking for an offender who is non-compliant, either they haven't registered or updated their current address.  Since August, investigators have checked 300 sex offenders and made about three dozen arrests.