Sheriff says Boone County assaults were likely targeted attacks

Women attacked 5pm
Boone Co. women attacked

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - Police in Boone County say two women who were attacked in a Boone County barn were targeted.

Investigators believe the 41-year-old caretaker of 76-year-old Helen Fix knows, or is at least familiar with, the man who attacked them.

The women were taking their daily walk around the Zionsville property early Friday. The man confronted them near the barn, wearing gloves and a ski mask, saying he was armed with a gun.

"The physical assault on the caretaker started outside the barn and ended up inside the barn. The assault turned into a sexual assault on the caretaker once inside the barn," said Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen.

"The victim received minor injuries from a rope being placed around her neck and being struck in the head with an unknown object," said Boone County Sheriff's Department Capt. Mike Beard.

A relief caretaker discovered the two women and thought they were dead.

Helen Fix suffers from a dementia-like illness and can't speak. She was unharmed. The caregiver was released from the hospital Saturday night.

Police were called to the home March 6. There was a man on the property and words were exchanged, leaving the caregiver feeling intimidated.

Detectives say they've questioned, but not arrested that man. They say the case is a complicated one and are looking for help and tips.

If you have information that can help solve the case, call the Boone County Sheriff Dispatch at (765) 482-1412.