Shelters provide warm place to stay in winter storm

More than 200 people have registered to stay at the Red Cross headquarters.
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Shelters across central Indiana are helping Hoosiers find a warm place to stay and food to get through the winter storm.

Throughout the day, people in need of temporary shelter arrived at Red Cross headquarters in Indianapolis. Deb Swift from Randolph County and her daughter arrived with an overnight bag.

Swift says it was the first time she ever needed a place to stay, but like others at the shelter, she felt she had no choice.

"Came for the Colts game Saturday, went to the game and I live in the middle of the country and we usually lose power, so I was going to stay at my daughter's house, but she lost power at 3 p.m. yesterday, so with no electricity and just a little gas stove to keep us warm and cook, but we said, 'It's getting cold'," she said.

By noon, Swift was among 130 people who had registered at the shelter for a place to sleep and hot meals. She was hoping her stay wouldn't last longer than a day.

"I brought a change of clothes, medicine, a pillow and electronics, an iPad and phone that I need to charge," she said.

By evening, the Red Cross says more than 200 people had registered at the shelter.

American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis