Shelbyville Police investigate property on Elm St.

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The search for a missing woman suddenly gained new momentum Tuesday in Shelbyville.

Police are blocking off streets in Shelbyville in what the police chief is calling an "ongoing criminal investigation."

The police department is not releasing any details at this time about the investigation in the 1200 block of Elm Street, near Evans.

Earlier Tuesday afternoon, Chopper 13 HD captured a team of forensic anthropologists from the University of Indianapolis who were testing soil samples in Scott Schuck's yard. Later in the evening, as the team packed up their equipment, police brought search dogs to the yard, skilled to sniff out human remains.

"Almost five years ago, my girlfriend came missing and they investigated," Schuck said.

Schuck was the boyfriend of 33-year-old Rebecca Cassidy, a single mother who went missing four years ago from the neighborhood. He watched the search on his property from a neighbor's porch across the street.

Schuck says he had nothing to do with Cassidy's disappearance.

Rebecca Cassidy

"Is there a body buried in the backyard sir?" we asked."No, there is not," Schuck replied.

Cassidy and Schuck were dating when she disappeared in April 2010. She was last seen near this block in Shelbyville.

"They searched my property once before with my consent, without a search warrant. Cadaver dogs and everything, found nothing," Schuck said.

He says a new tip to police about the woman's remains possibly being on an adjacent lot brought them back here Tuesday, searching his yard again.

"For some reason there was a tip on an adjacent property that she would be there," said Schuck when we asked why police were back today. "So they're back searching all day and that's all I know."

Residents on the street will remember this day for a long time. They gathered on the street, surprised and looking for information.

"On a positive side, he's been real nice to neighbors here. Like I said, he gives us vegetables, shovels our snow, a good neighbor. Now to think they're looking at his yard, it's truly disheartening, really, that something like that could happen," said neighbor Mary DePrez.

"I think it's sad it takes these three years," said one neighbor who knew Rebecca.

"It's been hard. I think about her a lot," said another of the missing woman's friends, who did not want to be identified. "Wonder where she's gone. She would not have left her kids."

One of Cassidy's friends says she dated Schuck after the woman's disappearance.

"I was out in the backyard and I just had a feeling that she was there somewhere," she said.