Shelbyville case brings hope to families of other missing persons

Prosecutors are preparing their case against the Shelbyville man accused of murdering his girlfriend four years ago.

Court documents reveal that Scott Schuck admitted to arguing with Rebecca Cassidy, hitting her, strangling her and then burying her in his yard.

This week, forensic teams dug up the yard outside Schuck's home. According to the court documents, investigators found human remains and a purse containing identification belonging to Cassidy.

The excitement of one tip solving the Shelbyville cold case has caused a lot of excitement all across the state. It is having ripple effects for people who have missing loved ones, including in Edinburgh where Walter of Walter's Family restaurant has been missing now since September 2006.

"It sure did renew a whole lot of hope for the rest of us," said Alice Guy.

Alice Guy has never given up hope of finding her brother. Walter Smith, Jr. disappeared three days before his downtown Edinburgh restaurant was scheduled to open. She makes the drive from Flat Rock to Edinburgh to visit the empty restaurant, which never opened.

"That's the only thing there is left. Everything had to be sold. Everything except that sign," she said.

The doors have never opened. It's like his dream is waiting for him to come back.

Alice says the years have taken away any chance of closure but it has not robbed her of the hope for resolution.

"Saying goodbye, knowing where Tom is at and just having some kind of peace. There is no peace. You hear of another one going missing, remains found. It's a vicious roller coaster you do not want to be on," said Guy.

So she is asking anyone with any information to do the same thing that brought resolution for Rebecca Cassidy.

"Make that one tip. I am begging people. Make that tip," said Guy.

Although the Shelbyville cold case was resolved with the discovery of Rebecca Cassidy's remains, Alice Guy says it still brings closure for the family.

"When one is found you just, you are so grateful and it restores your hope. I will never ever lose hope of finding my brother," she said.