Shelbyville boy, 3, to donate bone marrow to younger sister

Samantha Kessler
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A good news update tonight on a story we first brought you back in May. The three-year-old Shelbyville boy who vowed to save his baby sister with his bone marrow is coming through on his promise.

Jameson Kessler will donate his bone marrow to his sister Samantha in just a couple of weeks.

The oneyear old suffers from a rare blood disorder, and the only cure is a transplant.

The Kessler family shared pictures on Facebook of Samantha resting up before a surgery earlier this week at Cincinnati Children's hospital. Three days after the operation, she was happily doing music therapy.

Now everything is set for her to get the bone marrow donation on October 10th. She will have to spend several more weeks in the hospital, and undergo chemotherapy. But her family says she's doing great!