Shelby County residents urged to evacuate homes due to flooding

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The rising water caused serious problems for residents in Shelby County where emergency crews were hard at work all day preparing for more heavy rain.

The American Red Cross set up a shelter at Shelbyville High School for people who were advised to evacuate their homes.

Areas expected to be affected:

West of State Road 9/Harrison Street and North of Washington Street in Shelbyville

Walkerville/ Kennedy Park

East Washington, East Jackson, East Franklin, Murdock, Indiana Ave., Minster Drive, Coffey Lane,

Red Bud Acres

Johnson's Camp

Beechbrook Addition

Lee's Camp

Lewis Creek

Walnut Grove

Willow Park

Residents in these areas are being asked to evacuate their homes until flooding recedes.

The Shelby County Emergency Management Agency said that included about 600 homes in low lying areas near the Big Blue River.

Only six people came to the shelter by Saturday night, but that could quickly change if the river spills over the levy.

"I don't know what we're going to do. I just know that I can't go home right now," said Donna Hill, cradling her little dog in her arm inside the shelter at Shelbyville High School.

That's where Hall and her husband came when firefighters knocked on the door of their home on Sunset Boulevard near the Big Blue River and told them it was time to go.

"We got our stuff and left," said Hall.

When they got to the shelter though, they found out their dog couldn't stay. So they brought her out to their car parked in the high school parking lot.

"She's our baby. I might stay out there with her," said Hall.

Hall was just one of hundreds of Shelbyville residents who live in low lying areas and were threatened by flooding.

Not everyone, though, planned to leave.

"I'll probably stick it out. I'm kind of a rebel type," said John Nolley who lives just a block from the river.

With roads closed and sand bags ready to go should the river make its way over the levy, even Nolley had a back-up plan.

"If it looks like it's getting close to coming over the levy, maybe we'll move to higher ground," said Nolley.

As their back-up to the levy, the city of Shelbyville put up concrete barriers and sandbags.

"Way to start the holidays, but you know it's part of it," said Shelbyville's Mayor Tom Debaun, acknowledging that when there's a river in your community, this is par for the course when instead of a white Christmas, it's turning out to be an extremely wet one.

Predictions have the Big Blue River cresting at 19.7 feet sometime around noon Sunday.

If that happens, the Shelby County EMA says the river will come up over the levy.

That could change with the amount of rainfall Saturday night.