Seymour police hoping to raise $10k in support of Texas officer that was victim of Harvey

Sergeant Cody Davis of the Lumberton, Tx PD worked for 13 days during and after Harvey helping others. Unfortunately, his home was destroyed due to flood waters. (Photo: Seymour PD)

SEYMOUR (WAVE-TV) - From Indiana to Houston, police officers are stepping up to help their brothers and sisters behind the badge.

The Seymour Police Department has adopted a police family from Lumberton, Texas, who lost everything after Hurricane Harvey.

Seymour Officer Jacob Florine said he does not know anyone in Texas, but he felt drawn to help.

“I saw a need for people down there that needed help,” Florine said. “I thought, what better way to help their community than to help a police officer."

He reached out to an Indiana police supporter Facebook page and was connected to Sergeant Cody Davis of the Lumberton Police Department and his wife and children.

Sergeant Davis had worked non-stop for 13 days, rescuing others from flooding. But soon he discovered it was his own family that needed help.

“They've lost their house and vehicles," Florine said. "They basically just got out with what they had on their back."

“Devasting," Sgt. Davis said. "You don't expect it happen to you. You see people go through it, you never think you'll be one of them."

As a police officer, Sgt. Davis isn't used to asking for help. But he didn't have to, the help came calling.

“They told me that somebody up in Indiana wanted to help us out," Davis said. "A police department in Indiana wanted to help us, wondering what size clothes I wear, my wife wears and my kids wear."

That call came from Officer Florine, who planned to adopt the Davis family and raise money for whatever they need.

"How somebody that don't have a clue who I am or know anything about me or my family, how could they want to help us and help us to the magnitude that they're trying to help us,” Davis said.

"I'm just so glad that I had the opportunity to help and it's all worked out,” Florine said.

If you would like to help the Davis family, click here.