Severe storms cause damage in Edinburgh

The bleachers at the Edinburgh H.S. football stadium were damaged by the storms. (Kami Ervin photo)
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Strong storms caused severe damage across Johnson County Tuesday evening.

Stephanie Sichting, director of the Johnson County EMA, says Edinburgh sustained widespread storm damage. Photos from Edinburgh High School show the football stadium's bleachers twisted and pulled away from the press box. A baseball game had just ended near the field when the storms came through.

The National Weather Service says the damage in Edinburgh was likely caused by a microburst.

A microburst is a small downburst of destructive wind. It hits the ground and spreads out in all directions. That's different from a tornado. A tornado is a violently rotating column of air, that comes from a thunderstorm cloud and makes contact with the ground.

The high school track team couldn't believe what they saw when they arrived back to the school from an away meet.

"It's really, really weird," said one of the athletes.

"It's upsetting, too, it's like a home here and it's all destroyed," said another team member.

Crews hustled to removed down trees and even a streetlight. Houses were without power. The damage wasn't very widespread, but it was real.

"The cemetery, their trees, they've got big trees laying down," Sichting said. "They had documented about 50 MPH winds, I think it was straight-line winds in the cemetery."

"We were, like, 'Oh my gosh, you know, is that a tornado?' Just winds, whatever, we just started seeing stuff...we couldn't see anything. The next thing you know, everything's in the yard," said one resident.

"I heard the crash and I thought it was just the storm. Next thing I know, my windshield and everything was broken out," said another resident.

Several severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for a line of storms that started moving through south central and eastern Indiana around 8 p.m. Emergency management officials in Edinburgh reported winds near 50 MPH and nickel-sized hail in the storm.

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