Several floors flooded at City-County Building

Flooding at the City-County Building
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It may have been a gorgeous day outside the City County Building, but inside it rained Tuesday afternoon, causing all sorts of damage.

Melani Carey was working in the Recorder's Office on the 7th floor when "a lady told us she saw or she heard rain coming down and we said, 'it's not raining!' And then looking over there we saw it it was pouring water."

Building Authority Manager Ron Reinking says it happened over the noon hour and happened quickly.

"We had a water line to the air conditioning unit on the ninth floor that cools the data processing center burst and by the time we could find it, isolate it, we had a pretty good flood," said Reinking.

He said fortunately, the leak occured just below the ninth floor where all the computers are. It did, however, flood the eighth floor, where the auditor's offices are. Some areas were covered with two inches of water.

Workers used everything from mops to shop vacs to suck it up, stacking computers and other equipment on desks and counters.

While the eighth floor was closed, the seventh remained open. Still, in the surveyor's office, trash cans lined the windows collected water that streamed down.

Melinda Faulkner was sitting at her desk when she said it began "gushing down."

She and her colleagues rushed to move their computers and some aerial maps dating back to the 1930s.

Pointing to a large catalog of maps, she said, "There's a little bit of water damage on the top, but I think they're fine underneath."

The water even seeped down to the first floor, trickling from ceiling tiles. Sheriff's deputies had to close off the security check at the south entrance and place buckets on the floor to catch the water.

Outside the City-County Building, water could be seen streaming down the side.

Reinking was unsure of the dollar amount of damages. With fans and dehumidifiers running non-stop, he was hopeful the auditor's office would reopen in a day or two.