Serbian royal couple get Ambassadors for Children award

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Indianapolis - The Crown Prince and Princess of Serbia are in Indianapolis Thursday.

Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine toured Riley Hospital for Children. They would like a sister city relationship between Belgrade and Indianapolis where there is an exchange of students and ideas, especially in the medical field.

The princess says Serbia has the highest mortality of newborn babies in Europe.

"We are in the middle of Europe yet our situation is very difficult. Only one-third of our medical equipment works, one third is over 30 years old. One third doesn't work at all. So although we have brilliant doctors it's very difficult to function and take care of the children the patients in general under these conditions Riley Hospital is a dream. I just wish I could take it home," she said.

That's not possible, but a humanitarian effort is now underway. Ambassadors for Children is organizing a trip in September from Indianapolis to Serbia.

The royal couple will receive the 2007 Ambassadors for Children Peace Award at a downtown gala.