''Sequester'' impact on your travel plans

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Some of the forced budget cuts known as "sequestration" begin to take effect on Monday, others will take effect later this month, but how much will you notice?

There has been a lot of talk about longer security lines at airports across the country. So far here in Indianapolis, that's not been the case.  However, smaller airports are going to notice changes, and some of those affected airports are right here in Indiana.

The FAA announced it is closing airport towers at smaller, regional airports as a result of the forced $82 billion in cuts on the federal level.

149 air traffic towers across the country will close, including six in Indiana. While there are some at those airports who downplay the economic and safety impact, it is a surprise for many who use those airports. As for other areas impacted by the sequester, it is really up to each department to determine how much you'll notice the cuts.

University of Indianapolis business professor Matt Will says, "They can choose to do something public sees or they can choose to simply be more efficient in operations. They can have people take furloughs or they can close air traffic centers. Then it becomes almost a political discussion."

Check airport security wait times here.

Defense is the area that will see the biggest impact and those businesses that work on defense contracts.