Senate candidates reach out to Lugar supporters

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A new political flyer is causing controversy in the aftermath of Monday's U.S. Senate debate.

It is the race everyone in the state and many outside of Indiana are talking about. The three candidates vying for a seat in the U.S. Senate stated their case Monday night.

Eyewitness News got some feedback on the streets on Tuesday.

"Donnelly and Mourdock, I think, are fine men and it's just that I think the country is ready for a change. I am a registered Republican, but I vote both ways a lot of the time, but I will vote Republican this time," said Gretchen Cain.

"I thought (the debate) was alright. It's just hard to figure out who is telling the truth 100 percent of the time," said Susie Coogan.

In fact, a mailer went out on Tuesday, talking about an endorsement of Richard Mourdock by Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana), the man Mourdock defeated for the nomination. At this point, there is no word who authorized that mailing, either from the Lugar camp or from the candidate.

"I have not seen it," Mourdock said. "There are any number of independent expenditure campaigns out there in this day and age and we can't coordinate with them, so if they put something out, we are waiting to see it, too."

Mourdock did say he was reaching out to Lugar Republicans in Monday night's debate, trying to reassure them.

Democrat Joe Donnelly was reaching out to Lugar Republicans as well, but Tuesday he added, "I was talking to all Hoosiers. Republicans, independents, Democrats, moderates. Everybody who just wants a senator who can do the work like an adult."

But the Republican Party sees it differently.

"I found it a little disingenuous for Congressman Donnelly, who talked so much about Senator Lugar in a revering way, when, in fact, he filed to run against him," said State Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb.