Senate candidate reaches out through mailbox


Twelve U.S. Senate races are still too close to call, including in Indiana, where Republican Richard Mourdock and Democrat Joe Donnelly are close in the polls.

The closeness of that race is why you are seeing so many commercials on television. This weekend, people in Indianapolis received a first-of-its-kind booklet in the mail about the Senate race.

When it comes to politics, people don't always realize how important the ground game can be. In this case, the ground game means the U.S. mail.

"I'm not involved in politics at all, but I am a reader and I did read this. I like the information that is in there," said voter Ken Eiler.

Eiler took a little time from reading political mailings Monday to go for a walk. The mailing he is talking about is the 40-page leaflet entitled "A Voter's Guide to Joe Donnelly." It's paid for by Freedom Works for America.

"They have targeted particular Senate races. They did it in the last cycle and they are doing it in this cycle. They are pretty heavily invested in Mourdock," said Republican analyst Peter Rusthoven.

Freedom Works is a group headed by former Republican Congressman Dick Armey. Both campaigns have been heavily invested in television campaigns, but the mailings are mounting up.

"The Tea Party Express and Freedom Works are supporting Richard Mourdock because he is the Tea Party candidate. We don't need 40 pages to describe Richard Mourdock. He is just extreme," said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker.

"I don't know how many people read 40 pages that they get in the mail," Rusthoven said.

Eiler, a high school classmate of former Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana), does read them. Retirement allows him the time to peruse what the campaigns are putting in his mailbox.

"Someone spent a lot of money putting all of this together. There is plenty of information in here. I like the part where all the work he has done is well-documented in here," Eiler said.

So far, Mourdock and Donnelly have spent a combined $13 million on the campaign. Outside groups, like Freedom Works, have spent $18 million in the race.