Sen. Cory Booker introduces bill to legalize marijuana

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WASHINGTON (WTHR) — During a Facebook Live video, Sen. Cory Booker D-N.J. rolled out his plan for making marijuana legal across the country.

The New Jersey senator said the bill to legalize marijuana at the federal level will help "remedy many of the failures of the War on Drugs."

The senator said:

"For decades, the failed War on Drugs has locked up millions of nonviolent drug offenders—especially for marijuana-related offenses—at an incredible cost of lost human potential, torn apart families and communities, and taxpayer dollars. The effects of the drug war have had a disproportionately devastating impact on Americans of color and the poor.

Today I’m introducing the Marijuana Justice Act, a bill that if passed will legalize marijuana at the federal level and go even further in an effort to remedy many of the failures of the War on Drugs. This is the right thing to do for public safety, and will help reduce our overflowing prison population."

Twenty-six states and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana in some form, but Indiana is not included in that group.

The October 2016 WTHR/HPI Indiana Poll found 73% of Hoosiers support legalizing medical marijuana.

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