Sell your old iPhone for hundreds


Your old iPhone took you to great heights. "Goodbye iPhone," shout two Purdue Aeronautics majors as they flew their iPhone over the stadium.

Most old phones fall a lot harder. "I guess we're always after the latest and greatest. No doubt they've conditioned us to buy the newest," said Steve Hiday with Green Wave Electronics Recycling.

And companies like Green Wave are an earth-friendly option if you're upgrading your phone this week.

"Cell phones have a lot of chemicals in them," said Hiday. "They can be put into the ground and can then leach into the soil and that's unsafe." He says recycling can also save jobs.

But Purdue grad student Christopher Mong says "no matter how old they are, you can still sell them." The iPhones hold their value, he says. "You can donate them to charity or a womens shelter."

"I'm not going to get anything for it, so I'm just going to give it to a customer of mine," said Sahem, a student.

But this may surprise him: lots of online sites will buy your old phones. An iPhone 4 in good shape goes for $162, says Purdue's expert. But shop before you sell.

Gazelle buys used electronics. From there, to Best Buy, to other competitors, that same iPhone 4 ranged in value anywhere from $150 to $220.

"I think eBay offered me $200 cash," said Mong. Sell to Amazon and get a gift card instead.

I checked my iPhone 4s. Gazelle $220, Best Buy $265, but that could drop once you actually send the phone in.

Mong's iPhone 4 on eBay instant buy was $145... less than elsewhere, but proceed with caution because the used phone market is moving.

"Earlier today, they were offering $200," says Mong.

Whether you recycle, sell or trade, there's one thing you must do before handing it to someone else. "Erase it," says Mong. Your unscrubbed iPhone can be a treasure trove for criminals trying to steal your identity. Apple's website tells you how, step by step.