Self-defense techniques can put your safety in your own hands

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The constant flow of headlines about crime and violence have compelled a growing number of people to take their safety into their own hands. As a result, self defense training programs.. are seeing a spike in enrollment as people decide to fight back.

"I was very aware of my surroundings and I think that's the first big step to defending yourself is knowing what's going on around you making yourself not a victim," said Amanda Bissell.

If you think Bissell is a sweet, easy target for criminals, think again.

"How badly could you hurt someone with your bare hands?" asked Eyewitness News.

"I could definitely put them in the hospital," said Bissell.

Bissell has studied self-defense for about a year. The spike in crime made her determined to take care of herself.

Michael Valenti, with The School of Self Defense, is her teacher. He says women are most commonly taken to the ground. When they are, the key is to get your attacker off-balance.

"She ends up directly to the eyes. She sits up, hits the groin, pops the knee, another hit to the groin, stands up and she's free," said Valenti.

That strike to the eyes is critical. It's the most vulnerable part of a person's body.

"If someone were to never take self-defense, but they had that obsessive focus that I don't care if I get hit or get choked, but I'm going to strike your eyes, they'll probably win that fight," said Valenti.

"If I'm punching her to the face, she's going to use a straight line to the eye. That's going to shock the system. She's going to put me on the ground. This is a beautiful self-defense position. You may not see it, but she has my elbow hyper-extended across her thigh. So, with a twist of the wrist, she can hyper-extend that elbow, which is remarkably painful and will most likely end that person's day," said Valenti.

Valenti says as more people turn to self-defense, he hopes they follow Bissell's lead, pursuing it as a journey.

"Taking one self-defense and saying you're prepared is kind of like brushing your teeth once five years ago and saying your teeth are clean," said Bissell.

It's a process that takes practice for confident execution IF the situation arises.


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