Seeing IMS at 150 MPH

Rich Nye and Jason Spells took a ride on the back of a Superbike at IMS Thursday.
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Like most, I've been to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I've watched IndyCar, NASCAR and MotoGP riders each take their turns at the track. I've done the IndyCar two-seater ride-a-long.

But nothing, NOTHING compared to what I experienced Thursday and the motorcycle two-seater ride-a-long. I know, a lot of readers will look at the picture and watch Rich's story and think we were crazy. But to be honest, I felt completely safe.

And the experience is something I will never forget. We often hear about the rush that motorsports provides. That rush is real. Words can’t describe accelerating across the yard of bricks at 150 MPH, or taking the Speedway's road course just mere inches from the pavement.

MotoGP will return to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on August 8th. Go out, see the riders, but if you can take the two-seater challenge, it will be one of the best decisions you make this year.