See a list of pharmacies with secure dumpsters

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Representatives from CVS and Walgreens say dumpster security is not a serious issue because pharmacies should not be putting your personal information in their dumpsters in the first place. Our investigation shows many pharmacies ARE putting customers' personal information in their dumpsters. Thirteen pharmacies that we visited have very secure dumpsters. At the time of our test, they were all locked, chained or otherwise inaccessible to the public. Those pharmacies are:

  • CVS, 175 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis
  • CVS, 1700 E. Main St, Plainfield
  • CVS, 5804 E. 71st St., Indianapolis
  • CVS, 6248 Allisonville Rd., Indianapolis
  • Nora Apothecary, 1101 E. 86th St., Indianapolis
  • Osco, 6509 N. Keystone Ave., Indianapolis
  • Walgreens, 10595 N. Michigan Rd., Carmel
  • Walgreens, 1516 E. Main St., Plainfield
  • Walgreens, 20 W. Main St., Brownsburg
  • Walgreens, 6269 W. 38th St., Indianapolis
  • Walgreens, 6961 Madison Ave., Indianapolis
  • Walgreens, 7218 Rockville Rd., Indianapolis
  • Walgreens, 7975 E. U.S. Hwy 36, Avon

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