Security gates going up at governor's residence

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Security is always a concern when it comes to the governor.

Now, some of that concern is being expressed when it comes to the governor's residence on North Meridian Street. The home seems to blend into the neighborhood, but that could change when it becomes a gated community.

Wrought iron gates are to be placed at both entrances of the six-acre property, on North Meridian Street and along 46th Street.

Governor Mike Pence was in Plymouth, Indiana Tuesday for the 25th anniversary celebration at DuPont Pioneer.

"For me it was important to listen to recommendations of our security team without compromising what is really an iconic Indiana place," Pence said.

The Meridian Street Preservation Committee already approved the plans earlier this month. However, no details were given about when they would be installed or what they would look like.

"We had a recommendation from our security personal that gates would assist them in managing traffic of vehicles into the governor's residence. We were willing to accept that recommendation and I want to do it at no taxpayer expense," Pence added.

The governor did say this was something that was first recommended when his family moved into the residence. Former Governor Mitch Daniels did not use the residence as his primary home.

The governor told Eyewitness News that no particular incident led to the decision and that it was precautionary in nature. The money for the project is to be raised by the Governor's Public Building Foundation.