Security changes for Pacers playoff game

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While the focus was on Sunday's play-off game, crowds noticed security changes right away at Bankers Life Fieldhouse for the Pacers-Atlanta game.

It's a sign that security at sporting events across the country isn't the same after what happened earlier this week at the Boston Marathon.

Pacers fans are used to a personal security check when they get checked walking into Bankers Life Fieldhouse before each game.

But, being greeted by a TSA explosives detection canine outside Bankers Life Fieldhouse was new.

"After what's happened in Boston, I am fine with it," said Michelle Sears from Speedway.

Season-ticket holders Michelle and Randy Sears say they've noticed more police and security over the last month.

"I had to take things out of my purse. I've never had to do that. They would just open my purse," said Sears.

The Pacers organization says they've been opening an hour and a half before tip-off, instead of just an hour, the past few games, to make sure these security lines aren't backed up.

Brenda Schindler and her high school girlfriends, said the changes are frustrating but understandable.

"Does it bother you? Kinda yes, it does in the back of my mind. We've got to move on, life has to go on," said Brenda Schindler from Speedway.

The increased security at Bankers Life Fieldhouse wasn't just for Sunday's playoff game. From now on, attendees at concerts, events and games at Bankers Life Fieldhouse will deal with extra security.

"I think people understand and accept it. It's a part of the world we live in. In a perfect world we wouldn't want to do this. It is not just here, it is everywhere we are. Again, we as individuals have the responsibility to speak up and be aware of surroundings," said Greg Schenkel with the Indiana Pacers.

Also new,  anyone parking under Bankers Life will have their car checked and their trunk opened by security officers. Usually only players and staff park in the underground garage.

Officials with the Pacers organization said the changes are in an effort to keep the 18,000 people inside, safe.

The Pacers will play the Hawks again on Wednesday at home.