Second teen pleads guilty in Carmel HS assault case

A small group of people held up anti-bullying signs outside the Hamilton County courthouse.

Hamilton County - A second former Carmel High School basketball player pleaded guilty Thursday for his role in assaults of younger students in a locker room last winter.

Oscar Falodun, 19, got one year of probation and community service. Prosecutors say they are working on plea bargains with the remaining two defendants.

Protesters gathered outside of the court before Falodun arrived. They were angry that one of the counts in his battery and criminal recklessness case was dismissed. That count involved the 15-year-old who made the Carmel basketball bullying case public.

"Our son does not exist. He can't even get a victim's position. They want to dismiss the fact that he was even assaulted," said Sheronda Davis, the victim's mother.

Now 19 and in college, Falodun is the second of the four players to strike a plea deal with prosecutors to avoid jail.

Scott Laskowski, 20, pleaded guilty last month and received one year of probation and 40 hours of community service for assaults on younger students in the locker room. Falodun admitted his role before a judge pleading guilty, saying only that he was sorry. For that, he got the same sentence as Laskowski: probation and community service.

"He realizes that he needs to conduct himself with more maturity and make the right decisions. He was 18 and made a stupid mistake and I guarantee he's learned from it," said Mark Sullivan, attorney.

Falodun's guilty plea leaves two defendants left who are scheduled for trial. However, Brandon Hoge and Robert Kitzinger, who are expected to face related misdemeanor charges in Hendricks County for assaults on a team bus, are also expected to make plea deals.

"Plea negotiations have not concluded. We haven't indicated that we're entrenched and not still trying to dispose of the other two cases through plea agreements," said Sonia Leerkamp, Hamilton County prosecutor.

Attorneys for 19-year-old Robert Kitzinger will ask a judge Friday to move his criminal recklessness trial outside the county because of intense publicity in the case.