Search for missing student intensifies as classes resume

New posters cover the IU campus with Lauren Spierer's picture.
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BLOOMINGTON - Volunteers gathered in Bloomington Sunday to spread the word about still-missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer. It's an effort to keep this case in the forefront, the day before students head back to class.

As new faces descend upon IU this semester, a now-very familiar one will greet them.

"She's so much more than that girl on the poster. She's our daughter. We love her dearly. We're not going to walk away. We're going nowhere," said Lauren's mom, Charlene.

In fact, the search for Spierer is being refreshed and renewed in Bloomington. With new posters in hand, volunteers and students hit the pavement to make sure Lauren's picture can't be missed, that her message can't be ignored.

"I mean this could happen to anyone," said IU sophomore Gabi Cohen.

"I would want everyone to help if it was one of my close friends or family, so I think anything we can do to help is just great," added IU sophomore Maddie Kaufman.

"(Students) hear things. They know things. We're hoping that by getting the message out that Lauren's still missing, someone will come forward, give us a piece of information, something they heard. We desperately need it," said Lauren's dad, Robert Spierer.

The 20-year-old IU sophomore disappeared nearly three months ago, after a night out with friends on June 3. Investigators announced Friday that a recent landfill search in Vigo County, where Bloomington's trash is taken, turned up no evidence.

Lauren's parents vow to remain in Bloomington until they find her. After a trip home to New York, they barely escaped Hurricane Irene to make it back. Their flight was among the last to depart before officials closed the airport.

Now, the Spierers hope students who see Lauren's face will be inspired to do the right thing.

"Somebody's responsible for Lauren's disappearance and somebody knows where she is. That's who we want to talk to," Charlene Spierer said.

"We're begging people please come and help us find our daughter. We're not going to give up the search," Robert Spierer added.

Bloomington Police are still actively investigating Lauren's disappearance. Anyone with information can report it anonymously.

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