Search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight ends for Friday


The second day of searching for debris from a missing Malaysia Airlines flight in the Indian Ocean has ended.

The crew of the first plane said they had found nothing, but they said weather conditions were actually very good.

However, strong winds delayed the crew. They didn't have as much time over the search area as they wanted.

"We've just landed from our 11-hour mission out to the search area. It's unfortunate to say that we haven't found anything out there," said Flight Lt. Josh Williams, Royal Australian Air Force.

There have been strong winds for the last few days and it's believed the debris could have moved up to 200 miles from the site, if indeed it is the debris from a plane.

If the plane did go down at the location identified by satellite, it's in 10,000 feet of water - outlining the intense difficulty of the recovery operation.

One Australian aviation expert said you couldn't find a more difficult place to search - waves of 100 feet, a high swell of the sea, bad weather and strong winds. It's closer to the Antarctic than it is to Australia.

Australian officials are warning that it could take days to find anything. They're also saying that there are containers in that area that have fallen off ships so they're warning against high expectations.