Search continues for missing Plainfield man

Morgan Johnson has been missing for about three weeks.
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INDIANAPOLIS - The Lauren Spierer case has brought to light the thousands of missing persons cases that remain unsolved.

One such case is that of Morgan Johnson, a Plainfield man who disappeared about three weeks ago. Pictures of Johnson are posted all over Broad Ripple, where police say he may have been on the night he disappeared.

"No family has heard from him since May 18. There's no activities with his finances or on his cell phone," said Plainfield Police Det. Joe Aldridge.

"His apartment was left with all of his belongings in there. He hasn't used his bank card. He left his seizure medication, which has really got us worried and it's not like home to just leave like that," said friend Avery Garrett.

Police say the 27-year-old Johnson reported to work that morning at Brightpoint in Plainfield and say the last recorded pictures of him were taken at the Value Place Extended Stay, where he was living to be close to work.

"Any little lead, you just get your hopes up," said Garrett.

Indianapolis Metro police officers say they know the feeling. They are investigating almost 200 long-term missing persons cases, including a college student who went missing in 2004.

"Many of these may be 10 years old," said Sgt. Paul Scott, IMPD Missing Persons Branch.

Detectives say each case is unique, but say in most cases, media coverage increases the chances of finding a missing person.

"It's very powerful. We can get pictures out," said Sgt. Scott.

"One thing with the Spierer case is they have Indiana University backing them and they've gotten a lot of traction there. We need all the help we can get," Garrett said.

Johnson's loved ones say they're starting with posters, hoping word spreads quickly about their mission to find him.

"One thing I always heard him say is that 'I've got a purpose and that's spreading God's word and saving souls'," Garrett said. "So I think we need to step up and help save him."

Those who are searching for Johnson invite anyone who wants to help pass out flyers to meet them Saturday (June 11) at 1 p.m. at the Bethel AME Church on West Street across from IUPUI and at Brightpoint in Plainfield.

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