Schrenker to remain hospitalized until next week

Marcus Schrenker

Tallahassee, Florida - The captured pilot accused of faking his own death in a plane crash will stay in a guarded hospital room in Florida until early next week.

Sources close to the case say Marcus Schrenker is not responding to treatment as well as doctors had hoped. According to a report, Schrenker took a large quality of Ultracet, a pain killer and blood thinner, as well as aspirin. While a release could occur over the weekend, Monday is more likely.

The US Marshal's office says Schrenker remains in stable condition and federal officials say there's no court appearance scheduled.

Investigators say Schrenker took off from Indiana Sunday night and bailed out of his plane over Harpersville, Alabama. Police say he drove a motorcycle to a campground in Quincy, Florida, where he was captured Wednesday with apparently self-inflicted cuts to his wrist.

In the plane wreckage, investigators found books of maps and campgrounds with pages for Florida and Alabama ripped out. They discovered military-style meals and other survival gear.

Indiana has frozen Schrenker's assets, including a $4 million home on Geist. Authorities are looking for other assets including money that could be in offshore accounts.

"My number one goal is to the people of this state and I know there are others, family and spouses, that may feel they have claim to some of that frozen property. I don't judge that - only a judge will, but I intend to preserve those assets for those who have been harmed," said Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita.

Schrenker faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of intentionally crashing his plane.

The US Coast Guard wants him to pay for the $38,000 cost of its search for his downed plane.