Schrenker says he's writing a book


Pensacola, FLA - An Indiana money manager accused of trying to fake his death in a plane crash tells a Florida newspaper that he hopes to write a book about his experiences.

In a letter to the Pensacola News Journal, Marcus Schrenker wrote that he's tentatively titled his book "15 Years Up, 1 Night Down."

Schrenker was arrested in a Florida campground in January, two days after officials say he put his plane on autopilot and bailed out over Alabama to flee personal and financial problems. The plane hit the ground about 200 miles away in Florida, where he faces federal charges in the crash near a residential area.

In his letter to the newspaper, Schrenker wrote that "not a day goes by that I didn't wish I'd have gone down in that airplane with honor."

Information from: Pensacola News Journal

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