Schools weigh waivers and makeup days

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After a week-long extension to Christmas break, Indiana schools have made some tough decisions about how to make up those missed school days. School districts have tried to make as little an impact to families as possible.

IPS Schools haven't officially released their make-up calendar.  But, according to their website, any days missed will start with Friday, May 23 as a make-up day and then they'll add days to the end of the year.

Thankfully, the state is offering waivers to districts for the first two snow days due to the extreme conditions - heavy snowfall followed by those arctic temperatures.  

But, for most, that still leaves three days to make up.  For some districts, the decisions are being made this week.  

For others, like Washington Township Schools, those contingency days were already built into the calendar for President's Day, and then they'll tack two days on to the end of the year.  

But, even with planning ahead, school officials say it's never easy make these kinds of adjustments. "When you have students involved in athletics and other activities and summer camps that start and end at different time," said John Milleman of Washington Township. "When you begin to extend the school year or starting a school year earlier, you're going to impact families."

Warren Township schools will also use President's Day as a make-up and tack two days on to the end of their year.

Several districts had extra days of instruction built in beyond the required 180 days.  Wayne Township had two and only has one day to make up and Speedway Schools has no days to make up.