Schools have more options for make-up days


Schools now have more options as they wrestle with how to make up so many school days lost because of winter weather.

School districts had hoped the Indiana Department of Education would waive more of those days, but the D.O.E. said no. However, they did give schools more flexibility in how those days are made up. They're offering schools the option to add more time to existing days where they're already in session.

That's giving schools a lot more options and ways to get creative. Wayne Township Schools had three new make-up days to figure out. They're going to take one on President's Day, add just one day on to the end of the year and then for that third day, they're adding an hour onto the end of six days. Superintendent Dr. Jeff Butts says there was no pleasing everyone, but after spending a lot of time getting extensive feedback, this seemed like the best option.

"The most important thing for education in the classroom is to have the student there and have the teacher there. So, with the student and teacher already there during the school day, to add that additional hour made a whole lot of sense for us to get that time in," said Dr. Jeff Butts, Wayne Twp. Schools Superintendent.

But, even this has its drawbacks.

"Looking at it this way, the main concerns I've gotten back are child-care issues-those are things that people have to deal with when you go an hour later because you're dealing with those shutdown times for child care providers and of course our high school students who are working. They're not going to be able to have the same number of hours in their jobs and that was concerning to them," said Dr. Butts.

Some schools that had made decisions are now re-considering their options. Center Grove Schools had announced they'd add three days to the end of the school year after graduation. But, after a lot of resistance from parents, they're now looking at adding twenty minutes to the school day through the end of the year.

Again, just another way schools are getting creative and trying to ensure the best attendance possible as schools prepare for state and acuity testing.