Schools continue weather shutdown

Lew Wallace School in IPS was one of several closed Thursday for water leaks.
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The effects of this week's winter storm are still being felt at many school districts around central Indiana, who canceled classes for a fourth straight day.

IPS School 107 was one of four in the district hit by broken water pipes and sprinklers due to the freeze and thaw. Other school districts had the same problem, including five schools in Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

But it's about more than frozen pipes.

"It takes us two hours to get from downtown, here, which should take 20 minutes, so there is still a road problem," said one motorist.

Districts in urban and rural areas must transport students safely. Wednesday night, the roads we saw included spin outs, sliding and long delays.

"It's like driving through a minefield," said Anne Chapman. "I'm worried about my car much less a much heavier school bus."

Buses would have to navigate icy spots, deep ruts and slush, as well as other cars spinning out nearby.

"The roads aren't good right now," said Marketta Hayes.

"It's too dangerous to travel out here. Yeah I can understand why they would be closing," said another driver on the west side.

From Chopper 13 Wednesday night, we saw school buses still covered by snow. Covered parking lots, too. 

It's about more than roads.

"The sidewalks may not be plowed and if some of the kids don't have the proper boots, gloves and hats and things," worried one man on 38th Street.

"Having to stand out in the slush and in the cold, it's dangerous, so I understand why they should be closing," said Marketta Hayes.

And those bus stops? Well, we saw IndyGo passengers standing in the street as they waited for buses. No place to stand on the snowy, icy sidewalks. The schools don't want to see their students doing the same.

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