School shooting topic of local sermons

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The shooting was the topic of church sermons around the country as church leaders tried to offer comfort and understanding. We sat in on one local service that offered a message of triumph in tragedy.

"If you can remain faithful even in the midst of the trial, I promise God has a greater plan even through your pain," preached Dr. David Hampton, Pastor of Light of the World Christian Church.

It may be one of the most difficult kinds of sermons to preach--giving clarity to the chaos.

"To see children die at the hands of evil cuts to the heart in a very different and profound and painful way," preached Dr. Hampton.

But, the images, the emotion from Newtown, Connecticut have gripped communities across the nation and stirred a powerful response.

"I was heartbroken, I was devastated. I couldn't possibly understand how this could have happened," said Cris Meadows.

"I was real hurt and sad and even as a man, it made me cry because I've raised children," said Dawayne Williams.

"My heart is just deeply hurt, deeply hurt for all of the children and families," said Lorraine Morris.

"I believe God is going to bring about his perfect plan even in the midst of that massacre. You can have triumph in the midst of tragedy," preached Dr. Hampton.

Dr. David Hampton is preaching to his congregation at Light of the World Christian Church, but calls this a message for all.

"Even if you're not a Christian, we all need comfort. Regardless of race, background or creed, this is a great opportunity to send a message of love during this season," said Dr. Hampton.

Michelle Jones has a grade school son and this hits close to home. But, she left Sunday's service feeling a little lighter than when she came in.

"Even as such an awful, horrible tragedy as we've experienced over the last few days, there's still hope," said Michelle.

While the pain will continue, church leaders hope the messages of encouragement will offer at least some small sense of peace. At the end of today's service, Light of the World took up a collection to send to Connecticut to help support the families of the shooting victims financially.