School safety drill set for today

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Keeping children safe is the goal of a special school safety drill scheduled this morning. It's part of a major effort to share information between emergency responders, school staff and students to make sure, if something does happen, everyone is prepared.

Go to any school and you'll see numbered entrances - basic information that helps first responders in the case of an emergency. But it's the cooperation between everyone involved - police, fire, school staff and even students that can really make a difference in most types of disasters.

This afternoon, Mooresville Schools will conduct a "Code Red Intruder Drill." They practice this every semester at each of their schools. But once a year, they involve first responders.

"It helps us understand what our emergency services providers will be doing, what they would need in case of an emergency at our schools," said Susan Haynes of Mooresville Schools. "And it helps us understand who they are - they understand who we are. And it helps us understand one another's procedures and it helps us coordinate and cooperate in the event of a real emergency."

In this drill, some students will be evacuated form the building while others remain in place. Other children will play the part of wounded students and will be taken to the hospital. A bus load of students will be taken to a safe place for parents to pick up.

"It's important for us to practice with different scenarios," said Haynes. "We've done these in different school buildings, with different sets of students, with different administrators, and it just helps us to try to think of everything we can in the case of a real emergency."

Tomorrow, Washington Township Schools will host more than 100 school administrators from around Central Indiana to share the latest training and information to keep school children safe.