School Choice voucher program open for students


IDNAIANPOLIS - This school year, Indiana parents and children have choices they've never had before. If they don't like their public schools, a new state-funded voucher program will help pay for private school.

Lawmakers approved School Choice or voucher program this past spring. The rules, regulations and all the signup procedures are brand new.

This program is limited to low and moderate income families who are unhappy with their public schools and want children enrolled in private schools.

Vouchers range from roughly $2,400 to $7,900 depending on the school district and family circumstances.

More than 200 schools, most of them faith-based schools, are approved for vouchers.

Holy Spirit on the city's far east side has a stack of applications. 

Holy Spirit Principal Rita Parsons says that where a student lives no longer dictates where that student goes to school. 

"Now a family can look at the programming and what it has to offer and choose.  Is this the best place for my family?" she said.

"We are seeing a phenomenal response by schools who wish to take advantage and wish to provide these opportunities we are seeing parents with strong desire too," said Dr. Tony Bennett, Indiana superintendent of public instruction.

Still, Bennett insists that the odds of receiving a voucher still favor parents.

"If individuals qualify and schools have space I would say the chance is pretty good," he said.

Principal Parsons adds that the application and approval process is easy.  But there are important rules and procedures.

You can learn more by clicking on School Choice.