Scene changes as night falls on Henryville

Snow fell on debris in Henryville

Henryville is a much different place at night ever since tornados ravaged the town on Friday.

In the light of day, Hoosiers in Henryville are hard at work. Hundreds of people are pitching in and helping out in non-stop tornado recovery.

But when night falls, the town takes a turn. The scene is much different.

"It looks like a movie set or something that was staged," said Major Chuck Adams, Clark County Sheriff's Department. "It's like, just a somber time, very quiet. A few generators running, a few security lights."

But otherwise, there is only silence. The streets are nearly deserted. In fact, in the darkness, the damage seems that much more dramatic.

"It's a very eerie feeling," Adams said.  "It looks like a war zone. I mean, I hate to refer to...that's one way I can describe it."

The reason for the desolation is partly because it's dangerous at night with so much debris. Police imposed a curfew from 7pm to 7am to keep people safe. They say it will remain that way until as long as it's necessary.

The curfew is also to protect against potential looters.

"Now we're just concentrating on protecting what we've already accomplished. We did have a report earlier of some possible people trying to get some copper or something over in the Marysville area, but that's been the only report. So we're just making sure everybody behaves," Adams explained.

So the silence continues in the dark, shrouding storm-ravaged Henryville like a cloak.

But when the light returns, Adams says, "We're back to work. back to doing what we've been doing for three days and we'll get it done, we really will."