Scattered storms and a gradual warming trend

Angela Buchman

There will be pockets of heavy rain and a few thunderstorms through about 11pm Wednesday. We will stick with the daily chance for afternoon and evening storms, but there will also be plenty of dry weather too.

The rain chances end later Wednesday evening and it will be partly cloudy with patchy fog through early Thursday morning. Any fog that does develop will burn off quickly. There will be some sun early Thursday, with temperatures near 60 degrees. Mid-day temperatures will be in the 70s, with highs near 80 degrees.


With afternoon heating, there will be the chance for a few showers and storms on Thursday afternoon. From FutureTrak13, you can see it will not rain all day.


This daily afternoon and evening storm chances will last through Friday and the weekend. Friday is opening day at the Indiana State Fair. It will not rain all day and highs will be near 80 degrees.


The weather focus next week will shift to higher heat and humidity, as highs return to the middle and upper 80s.