Scant details on councilman investigation

Lincoln Plowman talks to reporter Mary Milz.

Indianapolis - Republican City-County Councilman Lincoln Plowman appeared at Monday night's council meeting for the first time since news of an internal police investigation surfaced.

Plowman is also an assistant commander with Metro Police. He is on administrative paid leave from that position, but no one is saying why.

In an Eyewitness News Exclusive Citybeat reporter Mary Milz caught up with Plowman before the meeting. Here is the verbatim of that exchange:

Mary Milz: "Can you tell us what you're under investigation for?"
Plowman:"I do not know at this time."
MM: "You don't know?"
Plowman: "No and I think I need to say that anything else, you have to talk to my attorney."
MM: "Is it personal, is it related to police, council?"
Plowman: "Please excuse me."
MM: "Have you been asked to step down? Do you plan to step down, Lincoln?"

He did not respond to those final questions.

Council President Ryan Vaughn said the council asked Plowman about the situation but have not received any details.

"Without any real facts, we're sort of hamstrung on what action we can take," Vaughn said. "A leave of absence would be inappropriate only because it would leave the people of Franklin Township unrepresented unless he chose to resign, which would be his choice, of course."